Smiling Through Depression??

When we see comedians we think that these are the funniest people on the earth. Type of people who must be always laughing , joking , and happy. But it might not always be the case. For them comedy might be the wall to hide their darkness. The mask they wore to make everybody’s day.

We often make the mistake of thinking the answer to our happiness lies in having the life of somebody else without realising that many of the people we wish we were are going through struggle so painful that they wish they were someone else too. The truth is, we dont know what others are going through because we dont wear signs to illustrate our struggles. Pain is relative, everyone is going through their own pain which is masked by a smile to protect that vulnerable person inside.

What we can do is to treat everyone with KINDNESS.

Kindness isn’t something you give to others, but its something you have to give to yourself too. Whether we know what is going on or not we have to treat everyone as if they are wearing a sign we can’t see.

You can have everything in the world but still be unhappy. Its not because you are hard to please or you are just not satisfied. But because Pain, Sadness, Depression never discriminate.

So if you want to change the World, if you want to CHANGE YOUR WORLD, start by being Kinder to yourself.

What are you scared of???

Many of us think that those who pursue their wildest ambitions and those that step out of their comfort zones are “FEARLESS”. This is a myth, a myth you shouldn’t fall for. Everyone is scared. What we usually think that we are scared of death. The answer is a big NO as we know that death will come one day. But what we are afraid of is that how will it come? SO we are scared of the UNKNOWN or the STRANGER What you are scared of will define you. Regretful people are scared of what might happen if they try. Successful people are scared of what might happen if they don’t.

So how do you overcome fear??? Here are three steps

  1. Own the fear. Always accept the fact that failure makes us both shame and fear.
  2. Focus on the aspects in your control.
  3. Lastly make a list of things that you will care about or regret not doing when you are on your death bed.

If you feel trapped or stuck….

Do you feel trapped or stuck in a negative situation??

Okay So I am 100% sure that there is a circle drawn around you. The circle is the story of who you tell yourself you are, how far you tell yourself you can go and how much you tell yourself you deserve from relationships, your career and your life.

The only thing imprisoning us is our own thoughts. The circles(limits) we draw for ourselves come from the experiences we’ve had in our lives. They come from how we are judged by the people surrounding us that is how we look, who we are, from toxic people who have lowered our confidence, comparison, self criticisms. These experiences have increased or decreased the size of our circle.

Its Time to Break Free…

The only way to break free is by taking the first scary unknown step and once you do, once i did, it will prevent you from being held by the imaginary limiations ever again. Nothing is holding you back.

Life is a Journey..

The truth is, there is no magical moment where we will feel complete and satisfied in our life. Its a human tendency. No matter how much we achieve, there is a wish to achieve more. And that more is ironically never achieved.

Achieving the goal isn’t the thing that will give you great fulfilment, its the steps you take along the way that give you satisfaction.

Life is lived in the journey.

How could this happen to me?

I saw it coming. I mean I really did. I saw the way you’d stay out later at work. I saw the way you’d be on your phone more, smiling while doing so, I saw the way you wanted to stay busy at home instead of spending time with me. So when you finally called it quits on a sunday in May, it didn’t hurt as bad as i thought it would. I mean it did hurt, but it was as if my heart prepared itself for losing you.

There were thousands of questions running through my mind. At once i felt like quitting but i believe in ‘KARMA’. So i started a new life the very next day rather than crying and destroying myself. The next morning was different it had a new beginning, a new blessing, and a new hope.